All About Hosting any Website & How it Works ?

How Hosting any Website Works ?

For starters we all know that a website is a web page that takes a certain amount of resources on your local system. Some websites have a lot of CPU and some are not as demanding. Hosting a website should be on the cheap.

The hosting packages that we have here on allow you to host a website for almost any amount of cost. We offer free hosting packages for bloggers, professional websites and companies but you can also get a bit more.

Access: Website Hosting

Your website can be accessed on the Internet through your dedicated server. It is a set up of hardware or software that allows a single web server to host multiple websites. Hosting the website on a dedicated server also ensures that your web server will not be affected by any other server in case your server is slow.

Is Hosting expensive ?

Well as far as hosting goes it is but it is not the cheapest option but we are sure you know it can also be expensive.

We should get off the guessing game now. We offer free website hosting for bloggers, professional websites and companies but you can also get a bit more. We have two different options and the cheapest is hosting at 1GB of disk space. You can host your website for a price as low as $2.95 per month. If you want hosting that will accommodate websites of a larger size then you can also get a dedicated server for just $19.95 per month.

All packages come with a free domain name but it will have a short duration of just 6 months. We don’t want you to have to get a new domain name if you are not willing to pay.

This is the only hosting provider who can offer affordable hosting for just a single website.

Are Hosting Costs Less Than Hosting Solutions ?

When we compare hosting solutions it is easy to see that hosting services like HostGator are cheaper than hosting solutions like Hostwinds.

For instance if you want to host 10 websites you will need just 10GB of disk space. All the servers offered by HostGator offer a free domain name but you will have to pay a monthly fee of $11.99.

HostGator offers dedicated server hosting for hosting more websites for only $19.99.

HostGator also has the cheapest Website Hosting offering but you can have all these features in a shared hosting package. This is cheaper than hosting just 10 websites. You will have a cost of $2.95 per month.

A small shared hosting package will provide a web hosting server for hosting a website. It is also not limited to a maximum of 10 websites.

Hostwinds and HostGator are also hosting solutions but here you will be charged a minimum of $10.00 per month for a one month contract. You will also be limited to a maximum of 10 websites per server.

Here is the cost comparison of hosting solutions.

If you want to compare hosting costs for a single website then you can consider shared hosting options.

Here is a comparison of hosting services for hosting a single website.

Costs of Website Hosting

A popular website hosting company that offers affordable hosting solutions is WebRing. It can cost as low as $1.08 per month for hosting your website.

This is a platform that allows websites to be hosted in a low-cost hosting environment. It allows you to host a website for a small amount of money.

These are also hosting solutions that allow you to host more than 1 website. The hosting packages will cost you anywhere from $2.33 to $5.33 per month. You can host multiple websites through this hosting solution.


The website hosting solutions that we have come up with here on have a cost of hosting that will help you keep your website operating smoothly.

In other words, we have not made any fancy comparisons to compare how expensive a hosting solution will cost you but it is clear that if you host one website then hosting will not be that expensive.

We have considered hosting costs that are already very cheap. In this case you would only be required to pay for the hosting and the domain name. All these hosting solutions also come with a website builder.

Hosting is not something that should be put aside because it is not that expensive. You can get a single dedicated server and host a website for as low as $19.95 per month. This is much cheaper than hosting a website on your own server.

How Much Does Hosting Cost ?

The cost of hosting for hosting websites has been declining rapidly in the last few years. However, when you compare hosting services from different providers it is clear that hosting solutions are still cheaper than hosting solutions from providers that offer a shared hosting environment.

A shared hosting environment will cost you much more then you will need for hosting websites.

Hosting Solutions

On the other hand if you host your website with hosting solutions you will not have to pay additional money for dedicated servers.

The costs of hosting your website will depend on the hosting services that you will use. Here is a list of hosting solutions that will cost you a small fee.

Web Ring Hosting

WebRing Hosting provides a free website hosting solution that allows you to host one website at the time. The hosting package offers a hosting server that you can host multiple websites on. The plan provides 50 MB of web space along with unlimited bandwidth.

The WebRing platform allows you to host a website in a low-cost environment. You can host multiple websites with a monthly cost of $0.61.


Hostwinds is a hosting provider that provides you with a hosting solution to host a website for a small monthly fee. You can host multiple websites on this hosting solution.

The web hosting solution offers unlimited storage along with unlimited bandwidth. It also comes with a website builder that will allow you to customize your hosting solution. The web hosting package provides a hosting package for a monthly cost of $1.66.


OnHosting offers a hosting solution that will cost you a monthly fee of $0.89. It offers a free website hosting solution to make your website available to the public. You can host a website with a website hosting solution for a small monthly fee. The hosting solution offers 5 GB of web space along with unlimited bandwidth.



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